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Chimwenwe - Know Your Culture

MZUZUtalksWORLDlistens 2019

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Thank you for sharing your story, Chimwenwe! The message you share about developing understanding of ourselves, our own cultures and each other is so important. Thank you! Zikomo!


Zikomo, Chimwenwe! I have loved learning about my husband's Chewa culture (and a little about my mother-in-law's Ngoni culture). There's so much these Malawian cultures have to teach the world! I'm also happy that I grew up learning Scottish music, songs, dances and the fiddle. Culture is enriching. It's great to share with others.


Amazing job, Chimwewe! I agree. It's crazy how much we can learn about our culture when we stop to listen and ask questions to those around us. One way I've learned more about my culture is by listening to stories of my grandparents and parents' upbringing. I find I always learn something new about my family, our traditions and our culture and those learnings continue to shape who I am today.


Thank you, Chimwenwe. I really enjoyed your talk. You showed that it is important for us all to learn from those who are younger than us, like you did. Also I totally agree that the whole world would be a better place if we all learned about each others’ cultures


from England


Well done Chimwenwe, I enjoyed your talk. How true this is, and how sharing and learning about other cultures can lead to tolerance and acceptance. Best wishes from Rochester, New York

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