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Xtalks  WORLDlistens Australia

 "Keep talking kids.

The world IS listening

to you!"

Warren Murray,

Guardian Briefing, Australia

"Wonderful voices messages and powerful messages. Good kids. So good!"

B Devine, China

Temples in Sunseet

Watching your tears. I want to work at your school!

P Craven, Mongolia


"Watching these videos moist eyed. Moving and powerful. A wonderful platform for those kids around the world whose voices are never heard" 

E Liddell, England 

School Bus

Wonderful work and beautiful films.

There is clarity and vision in each of these young people's messages"

L Pinchbeck, USA


"Mexico is listening and inspired by your wise young voices."

S Whittaker,


Olive Grove

"You are my heroes!

Great, great job"

P Sardzoski, Macedonia

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