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Why We Created XtalksWORLDlistens

We believe every young person, no matter where they live, has an interesting story to tell the rest of the world.

Yes, it’s going to be quite a challenge to get those young voices heard across the digital divide from absolutely everywhere around the globe, but with the help f great people like you,  it’s not impossible…


In 2017 in Northern Malawi, we started as MZUZUtalksWORLDlistens - a short, easy to implement coaching programme that helps young people find their voice and gives them a safe platform to a global online audience.  

Since then, we’ve expanded to other communities in Malawi, India, Sierra Leone and Vietnam and we’ve become XtalksWORLDlistens. We know the programme works in a wide variety of settings around the world, because the people who’ve tried it, tell us. "A truly outstanding and visionary  programme" Anna Msowoya-Keys

We also know that the young people who have been through our programme get huge boosts in confidence, in self-esteem and in making a difference to the world. We also know, because they tell us. "I know I'm a brave person. I just needed this push to prove it" Rachel, MZUZUtalks alumni

And, we know these young people become role models for others in their community, because after sitting in the audience of these talks, we have a waiting list of more young people wanting to join the programme and trying out their own talks themselves. 

And, for sure, we know what a profound effect these stories have on our listeners around the world. 

"Your stories are powerful. We hear you! Keep talking" Warren Murray - Editor, Guardian Briefing, Australia

"Truly moving. Your passion, skill & courage is an inspiration" Eric Liddell, Director QTS, UK 

"One of our teachers was almost in tears, she wants to work in your school" P Craven, Mongolia

"Wonderful! Good kids. SO good" B Devine, China 

"Dear Charity, Hey there! Yesterday our teacher showed us your Mzuzu speeches. I was really impressed with your speech and how you and everyone could take action to make a change. Your speech was awesome! It's so interesting to see students from other countries be really passionate about the politics and sociology of their country. I certainly hope you make a huge impact on your country as you continue to inspire others, like me, to take action!"  Nicolai - student USA

Our programme was written and developed by an award winning team of educators in England and Malawi and our promotional film made by an award-winning former CNN film-maker. 

 However, the whole project has been designed to run from start to finish in 6 hours over four days by youth leaders and young people themselves, using an easy to follow set of materials. This includes clear guidance for the young people to independently film the talks for themselves on basic equipment. All they need are two camera phones and one access point to the internet, no matter how slow or unreliable.  

We won’t stop, until we’ve given every young person the chance to put their X, their story and their part of the world on the map…and everyone else around the world their chance to listen to this untapped wisdom.  

Our talks have been heard in 50 countries, so far. Voices emboldened by every listen, every response and every message the speakers get back, from around the world. 

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