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I am an Ambassador of HundrED and CEO of Dreamland Eco English based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

You may call me teacher “Son Goku.” I am a 27-year-old Mexican American teacher based in Hanoi, Vietnam with 3 years of teaching experience. I am the founder of Dreamland Eco English as well a recent Ambassador for the I graduated from the University of Texas at el Paso with a Bachelor of International Business Administration. I am an adventurous, optimistic and friendly individual. Since a young age, my interest and energy were always spent outside, being active, making new friends, and exploring the limits of my imagination; my curiosity and courage constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learnt to adapt, face and overcome new challenges by looking up to my parents. They have constantly shown me that the only real limits are the ones you set for yourself. Through my own professional experience, I have learnt that dreaming big brings positive results. Through my personal experience and by traveling, I have found that each encounter, conversation and person we meet is an opportunity to learn, adjust, grow and improve ourselves.

My mission is much more than simply improving the English level of my students. I want each one of my students to be confident enough to be the star in the room; to be eager to speak their minds, listen to others and share their ideas with the world while believing in themselves. By exposing them to real life problems which need real solutions, I want my students to act, not wonder, furthermore I want them to lead by example and help those

My project Dreamland Eco English strives to educate young learners through real life experiences and hands-on collaborative projects, while being sustainable and caring for the environment around us. Our outdoor lessons offer students real experiences and real face to face conversations. This method ignites their curiosity and engages their senses. Then their eagerness to learn and the tingle to put themselves in situations they haven’t been in before takes care of the rest. Students don’t only become eager when learning English, but they also grow hungry to develop their skills and attributes, as well as to discover and explore their personal interests.

I believe that by working towards the same goals and by working together we will lead by example. We will make a real difference and impact our world in a positive way. All while providing the tools and opportunities necessary for our students to become the next leaders and visionaries of our world.


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