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Baden is a nationally recognised entrepreneurship educator, having led Bond University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation disciplines for over a decade. He is the Director of Bond’s Commercialisation Centre, building entrepreneurial capability across campus through curriculum, workshops, immersions and events. He is the recipient of two National Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Through Sustained Innovation, issued by the Australian Learning & Teaching Council and the Department of Education and Training.

Outside of the University Baden is heavily involved in Australia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. He leads the Startup Community Leaders missions for Startup Catalyst to global innovation hotspots, including Silicon Valley, Boulder and Israel, building entrepreneurial capability through immersive experience. He consults with corporations in innovation strategy, conducting innovation audits, facilitating targeted workshops to build innovative capability, and contributing to strategy development and implementation to drive an innovation agenda through the organisation. He is a regular contributor to conferences and the media on disruption and innovation’s impact on organisations, industries, and communities.


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